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Book a hire boat

How it works….

Hiring a boat is an excellent way to enjoy the Swedish summer, the water and above all the fantastic experience that the Göta canal is. Hiring instead of owning a boat is the most attractive alternative for many. You avoid having money tied up in a boat, spring-cleaning and autumn laying up. You also avoid all the costs and problems associated with winter storage. The only thing you can’t get away from when you hire a boat is the responsibility. You are the one that has responsibility for seeing to it that the boat is handled safely and with good seamanship. You have responsibility for your passengers’ safety. Responsibility for ensuring that the boat you steer and other boats around you are not damaged. Experience and competence For this reason we require that you can show that you have some kind of nautical competence and experience, where documented or proven experience counts more than a piece of paper that shows you have taken part in a course. The requirements can differ from boat to boat and also vary depending on which water the sailing trip takes place on.


As well as the hire sum, the hire boat owner also requires that you pay a deposit in the form of cash or that the sum is paid into the appropriate bank account before the hiring period commences. The size of the deposit varies from boat to boat and is roughly equivalent to the insurance excess in the event of damage. The deposit can be forfeited, partly or completely, by you if damage occurs. If there is a lot of damage the deposit is used to pay the insurance excess. For less damage to the hull, fittings, equipment etc the damage is valued in accordance with a template or a ‘price list’ drawn up in advance and the equivalent sum is deducted from the deposit before it is paid back.


When you book a boat you sign an agreement with us. 30% of the agreed hire sum is paid directly in conjunction with the booking. The remaining sum is paid latest 40 days before the hire period starts. There are also rules for what happens if you cancel an agreement. The complete conditions of hire can be found here.

Hire period

If nothing else is indicated the hire period for the boats is Saturday to Saturday in high season. Times for pick up and hand over the boats are mornings in Söderköping and afternoons in Sjötorp.  The times are approximate and can be agreed from case to case. Read more about: CONDITIONS OF HIRE