Boats traveling through the Göta canal

Be your own skipper and eperience the adventure of your life!

Göta Kanal Charter is the leading provider of yacht- and houseboat-vacations on the Göta Canal in Sweden. We offer different boat sizes up to 10 people. You rent the boats for a round trip from Motala, you can choose green, blue or red rout ( the electric boats are only available for blue and red rout) . No boating license required, but you should have some earlier experience of boating.

  • 190 km of breathtaking nature
  • 158 antique locks
  • 191,8 m of altitude difference to overcome
  • 1Crystal clear lakes
  • 1Vadstena, the middle age town with a guest harbour in the moat to the castle
  • 1Karlsborg fortress with its treasure hunt and adventure tour
  • 1Berg’s lock with its famous flight of seven locks which rise and lower the boats over 18 meter


Discounts - Right now we offer:

  • 30% discount May 25 – June 7 & August 24 -30
  • 50% discount May 4 – 24 & August 31 -September 28
  • You pay only for one canal ticket when you rent for two weeks

We now have three electric boats on the canal!

Sigrid Sophie Electric boat

2 Sigrid and Sophia electric.

Caspian Electric boat

Caspian electric.

Holidays at home along Sweden's blue ribbon!

This is a great way to vacation in 2024:

  • You only meet friends and family, or of course those you yourself choose to bring on the boat
  • Ni väljer själva om ni vill laga mat ombord eller besöka restauranger
  • You choose for yourself whether you want to cook on board or visit restaurants
  • Environmentally friendly, we want our boats to be safe, spacious, easy to maneuver and environmentally friendly, right now we have 3 new electric boats in the fleet
Göta canal with boats in wide sunset in summer
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