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Göta Canal stretches between Mem at the Baltic Sea to Sjötorp in lake Vänern. The canal’s entire length is 190 km, of which 87 km are dug by hand. The canal with 58 locks connects the natural lake system. After the lake Vänern the canal system continues with Trollhätte canal and Göta River to Gothenburg, which all together creates a beautiful waterway between Sweden’s east and west coast. From Lake Roxen in Linköping and southwards you will find the scenic Kinda canal and the lake system for about 80 km in the region Östergötland.

Our boats are rented from and to Motala and you have three routs that you can choose on.

Choose from:

Green route

Motala – Kinda – Motala

This route is perfect for new and experienced guests and includes the most famous Borenshult and Berg locks as well as the scenic "little sister" Kinda Kanal.

Does not apply to the boats: Caspian, Sigrid, Sophia (electric boats) and Regina.

Blue route

Motala- Söderköping – Motala

Here you will experience most of the Göta Canal's famous landmarks such as Söderköping, Bergs slussar and Borensberg.

Red route

Motala – Sjötorp – Motala

We recommend this route to the slightly more experienced skippers and requires crossing Lake Vättern. Experience wonderful nature such as Forsvik, Spettsnäskanalen, Vassbacken etc.. If you rent for two weeks, you can include this stretch to walk "the whole canal".

Read more about which boats are available here.

Plan your route well in advance of departure to make the most of your holiday. Please see ours suggested routes for Göta canal and Kinda canal.

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